Vacuum Bagging

              Sino Composite, the forerunner that introduces vacuum resin infusion process (VRIP) into the Chinese composite market, has developed itself into a comprehensive solution provider of vacuum bagging in aerospace, wind energy, marine and sports equipment, etc.With its whole series of vacuum bagging products with all temperature rangas well as the full-scale technical training and onsite support.

              Vacuum Bagging Process

              Vacuum Bagging is a technique that imposes vacuum pressure to the surface of the object between the mouldtooland the vacuum bag to optimize the fiber-to-resin ratio of the product. Therefore, it can improve the mechanical performance of the product.


              Usually, the vacuum bagging process canbe classified as two types:

              1. Vacuum bagging for resin infusion. Infuse the resin to dry preform of fabrics layers with a stable pressure.

              2. Vacuum bagging for prepreg or wet lay-up Impose vacuum pressure onfabricsimpregnated with resin.

              [ Vacuum bagging for resin infusion ]

              1.Resin tank

              2.Vacuum bagging film


              4.Fiber reinforcements

              5.Structural core materials



              8.Resin reservoir

              9.Vacuum pump

              [ Vacuum bagging for prepreg or wet lay-up ]

              1.Sealant tape

              2.Mould release agent

              3.Breather/Bleeder fabric


              5.Release film (perforation or none)



              8.Vacuum hose

              9.Quick connector

              10.Vacuum valve

              11.Pressure sensitive adhesive tape

              [ Vacuum Bagging Materials ]


              Product Model Thickness(μm) Max Width(m) Temerature(℃) Material Feature Perforation
              BAGGING FILM CVF120 75 16 120 Nylon Polyester Extruded Big width,Vacuum lnfusion
              CVF150 65/75 8 150 Vacuum lnfusion
              CVF170 50/65/75 8 170
              CVF200 50/75 8 200 PA
              CVF230 50/75 3 230 Modified PA Autoclave
              CVF260 50/75 4.5 260
              CVF426 50/75 1.5 426 PI Extraordinarily high temperature system,Autoclave
              RELEASE FILM CVR120 25 1.52 120 PE Ambient Temperature Multiple
              CVR150 50 150 PP Intermediate Temperature
              CVR230 20/25/30/50 230 ETFE Autoclave
              CVR260 20/25/30/50 260 FEP
              CVR315 25/50 1.5 315 PTFE

              Product Model Weight(g/m2) Temperature(℃) Material Feature
              PEELPLY CVP180 60-105 180 PE Cost-effective
              CVP200 60-105 200 PA6
              CVP230 60-105 230 PA66 High Temperature System
              CVP260 Multiple 260 Glass fiber coated with PTFE
              CVAP150 160 150 Nylon and Membrane Semi Permeable Fabric Supported Membrane

              Product Model Specification thickness*width*length Temperature ℃ Feature
              SEALANT TAPE CVS120 3mm*12mm*15m 120 Ambient Temperature
              CVS150 3mm*12mm*7.5m 150
              CVS180 180 Intermediate Temperature
              CVS210 210 Medium-high Temperature
              CVS230 230 High Temperature

              Product Model Width(m) Temperature(℃) Material feature
              PRESSURER SENSITIVE TAPE CVPS60 Customizable 60 Cloth tape coated on both sides Temporary fixation at ambient temperature
              CVPS148 148
              CVPS180 180 PET double sided tape Temporary fixation at high temperature
              CVPS200 200 PET coated with silicone adhesive
              CVPS260 260 Glass fiber coated with PTFE
              CVPS315 315 PTFE

              Product Model Weight(g/m2) Width(m) Temperature(℃) Material feature
              BREATHER CVB190 150/250/340 Customizable 190 PE Cost-effective
              CVB200 140/237/339 200
              CVB230 200/340/440 230 PA High Performance
              CVB400 203 400 GF Extraordinary high temperature, autoclave
              INFUSION MESH CVME 80-250 Customizable 120 PE Extruded
              CVMW 135/160 100 PP/PE Woven

              Product Specification Temperature(℃) feature
              TOOLS CVT-Value 1/4" threaded coupling 200-270 Aluminum/Stainless steel/Carbon steel
              CVT-Rapid Connection 200-287 Cast iron/Stainless steel/Carbon steel
              CVT-Hose 3/8"ID*1/4"NPT 232 Metal and silicon rubber case
              3/8"HOSE,1/4"MNPT 260-270
              CVT-Vac 1/4*threaded coupling -40-60 With silicon rubber case
              CVT-Rubber 1/16"*54" Rubber
              CVT-Vacuum Pump System 100-600m3/hour
              CVT-Resin Collector 10-15L Cast iron/Stainless steel
              CVT-PE Tube/Spiral Tube/Ω Tube/Three Way Inlet/Resin Infusion Connector Customizable 120 PE/PP/PA
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