Injection Equipments

              With more than 25 years' experience in dosing, mixing and injection machines, ISOJET EQUIPEMENTS has become one of the leaders in France and in Europe in these technologies and support you in your project to install mono or bi-component resins (PU, Silicone, Epoxy ...). Our design deparProduction Linent, our technical and sales team put at your disposal all its know-how to help you step by step in the development of your project from the drafting of the specifications to the realization of a tailor-made equipment according to your application and your needs.

              Products Instruction
              TANK DPE HV PRESSE

              ISOJET EQUIPMENTS, thanks to its expertise in dosing and mixing (head with static mixer), you can offer solutions in the following resin applications:

              Injection RTM - Injection RIM - Potting - Encapsulation - Bonding - Casting - Infusion - Molding

              The solutions we can offer you in terms of machine and / or equipment are the following:

              [ Machine DPE - COMPACT ]

              Machine dosing with gear pumps - 2 components - Economical version with limitation on tank capacities - Ideal for small series applications or small castings for RIM injection, RTM injection, Infusion, Potting.

              [ Machine DPE-INDUS ]

              Machine dosing with gear Pumps - 2 components - modular machine with all options - Ideal for big casting applications for RIM injection, RTM injection, Infusion.

              [ Machine DPE-HV ]

              Machine dosing gear pumps - 2 components for resins with high viscosities and for bonding applications.

              [ TANK ]

              For RTM injection / RIM injection - System for one component resin or for casting resins already mixed in a mold.

              [ PISTON ]

              For injection of one component resin RTM / RIM under pressure 0 to 30 bars.

              [ PRESS ]

              For RTM injection /infusion

              We are present today in many industrial sectors / markets: Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Renewable Energy, Prototyping, Maritime and Defense.


              Our technology and know-how allow us to be present at many customers such as:

              - Airbus Group, Daher, IAC, FACC, Embraer, Dassault...

              - Lamborghini, Ligier, Aixam, Toyota, Kawasaki, Peugeot, Lamberet, Microcar, Itron..

              - Valeo Léoni, Bosch , Syselec , infaco

              - Saft, Sun CNIM, E.ITEC, EDF ENR

              It's to strengthen the Relationships with our customers that we have developed internationally.